Exterior Repaints

Our homes are often the largest and most important investment that we make, and it makes sense to protect that investment with regular maintenance to prevent excessive costs at a later date.

The average life span of an exterior paint is five to eight years for dark colours and eight and ten years for light colours, after this your home becomes vulnerable to the effects of wind, rain, and sun. Maintaining your homes exterior offers protection from the elements as well as increasing your properties value and street appeal. A new exterior repaint can protect your home from such things as the weather, water damage, and rot.

 We use ultra-premium painting products to best suit the surface of your home’s exterior and to provide the best protection for our environment.

The key to beautiful looking and quality exterior repaints is the preparation. We take the utmost care with our preparation to ensure we start with the very best surface possible to extend the life of the repaint by… 

  • Treating any mould affected areas
  • Wash any walls that are chalky from deteriorating paint with sugar soap and a medium bristle brush
  • Pressure clean surfaces to be painted with a minimum 3000 psi water blaster to remove any chalky or unsound paint, leaving a sound, clean and dust-free surface for painting
  • Fill any gaps, cracks and nail holes in areas to be painted with Selleys Flexible Gap Sealant and Selleys Linseed Oil Putty
  • Sand any pre-painted smooth surfaces to ensure maximum adhesion and to remove any peeling or unsound paint
  • Mask off and sheet all unpainted surfaces for complete protection

When considering an exterior repaint for your home don’t forget all the extra exterior items such as letterboxes, fences, garages, roller doors, decks, patios, stairs, verandahs etc. to complete your home’s new look.

Examples of Our Work